Zoe Hannay is a graphic designer and animator based in Melbourne. Clients include Warner Music, Flying Nun Records, Checks Downtown, Parrotdog, School Journal, Fazerdaze, Club 121, JPalm, Lontalius and Jimmy D.

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play_station, Lucy Meyle 

Hugo Chan, stickers

Marsha, single release poster

[forthcoming animated short.....come back soon!]

Rob Burrowes: A Photo Retrospective, poster s


Wellington Zinefest, merchandise + poster

play_station, Issy van der Leden 

Marsha, visualiser

Checks, football jersey

Rock dog podcast, artwork

Recitals, Orbit I vinyl

Lontalius, Life on the Edge of You singles

The Tuning Fork, Thursdays gig

Renters United / Lawrence and Gibson, Rat King Landlord special edition

year of realising stuff bootleg hoodie

Race Banyon, singles

Third Party, monogram cap

Modelled by Kat Lang for Jimmy D

play_station, Gitanjali Bhatt

Club 121

play_station, Min-Young Her 

Club 121, X CLUB

Freyja, Cinder Block single

play_station, Susu and Jamie Rhiannon Howse

Checks, imagination t-shirt 

 play_station, Yumoi zheng

Mouthfull radio, tortoise pedestal t-shirt

Toy Shaw, stickers

Fazerdaze, US tour poster

play_station, volunteer show

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